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This is a special treat for our Ancient's Gate readers. Author's Choice is exactly what it says, some of the best of SG1 het picked by the writers themselves. A Zine containing previously published, online works by authors such as Eilidh17, Magnavox, spacegypsy1, Campylobacter, Cleothemuse, Flatkatsi, and KelluthMetheus. All stories are Daniel/Vala wth the exception of the last 2 which are S/J. Some have also been re-edited. Zines are web formatted with .7 margins all around, 12 pt Book Antiqua font. Art by Eilidh 17 and JayEm. Stories and art range from PG to NC17/M

Volume 1 - 86490 words, 242 pages

All This Love by eilidh17 - She loves him, he loves her.  Sometimes they have a roundabout way of showing it.
Counting the Steps Back to Safe by campylobacter - Missing scenes from "Memento Mori": Vala, still reeling from the effects of suddenly remembering too much too soon after 2 weeks of amnesia, mistakes Daniel for something he's not.

Carmina Burana by Magnavox_23 - Daniel's Idea of a night on the town.
Friction by Magnavox - Stuck in an escape pod...
Interludes by spacegypsy1 - Daniel accepts his feelings for Vala but insists on taking it slow
Salt of the Siren by magnavox_23 - Daniel and Vala on an alien world where the truth is revealed to all who seek it.

C is for Crevasse by Eilidh17 - Stuck in a Crevasse, injured, and with only Vala for company makes for an interesting conversation
It's Complicated by spacegypsy1 -
Oh, Just Hangin' About, Jackson Style by eilidh17 - A bit of fun with Daniel and Vala. Peril, imminent death, huge honkin' spiders... that kind of thing!
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Olo by spacegypsy1 -
Vala Mal Doran, Contretemps Extraordinaire! by eilidh17 - Daniel suffers when Vala is bored.
Oral Traditions by eilidh17 - Daniel has his own recipe for fruitcake
What Happens in Temples Stays in Temples by spacegypsy1 -
Three Across.  Four Letters.  Begins with K  by eilidh17 - Vala.  A crossword.  And a bamboozled Daniel.  Makes for fun times!
Ambrosius by Cleothemuse - It was a dream, but as dreams often do, it felt so very real.
Grief Counseling. Good Grief! by spacegypsy - Daniel is gone. Or is he?
Wives and Other Follies by Flatkatsi - Things aren’t always what they seem as Jack and Sam both settle into new roles.

Things He Never Understood by KelluthMetheus -


 Note: I asked a lot of authors to contribute but did not hear back from all of them. If you are a writer, please don't be offended if you feel I didn't include you... I probably tried and, despite monumental effort, am only human. ;) If you are a reader and your favorite isn't included, see the above and remember some writers are inordinately modest and insecure (yes, I'm talking to you) folk who didn't feel comfortable with picking a personal 'best', but also write and tell me and I'll add it to a list for a possible second volume later on. Maybe a Reader's Choice. ;)

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