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This is a special treat for our Ancient's Gate readers. Author's Choice is exactly what it says, the best of SG1slash picked by the writers themselves. It's a set of zines containing previously published, online works by authors such as Eilidh17, Carlyn, iiiionly, Annie, Lyn, Magnavox, Pinkridz, Pinkdiamonds, Nancy, Lady Grey, Devra, Marzipan77, Storyhaus, SGDiva, & Freyasboy. Some have also been re-edited. Zines are web formatted with .7 margins all around, 12 pt Book Antiqua font. Art by Eilidh 17 and JayEm. Stories range from PG to NC17/M

Volume 1 - 89609 words, 258 pages

In the Doghouse by Carlyn - Jack’s mouth gets him into trouble again.
Bite Me by magnavox_23 - Daniel can't let go; Jack doesn't want him to.
Hiding from the Truth by SGDiva - You can never really hide. (art for this one by SGDiva)
Memories and Consequences by Nancy -Jack learns from Daniel that a recent mission was anything but routine.
The Past Is Just a Memory by Storyhaus -
First Contact: If I... by iiiionly - Daniel is heading to Atlantis. Jack is determined not to miss the boat.
First Contact: First Contact by iiiionly - Jack and Daniel kick it up a notch
First Contact: I'll Stand By You by iiiionly-Someone's practicing arpeggios up and down Daniel's spine every night when the lights go out, ghostly fingers that are wreaking havoc on his new relationship. Staying in it will require the courage to dig until he finds answers to questions he doesn't want to ask
First Contact: Christmas Wrappings by iiiionly -
First Contact: Sanctuary/The Other Side by iiiionly - First Contact from Daniel's POV

Volume 2 - 103545 words, 266 pages

Yenta by Carlyn - An alien matchmaker helps clue Jack in.
Myths, Fables and Fairytales by Storyhaus -
Mission Accomplished by devra -
Turning the Table by magnavox_23 - "I don't know if this table is gonna hold us." 
Black Fingernails by magnavox_23 - Daniel discovers his kink
The Walk by Annie - Jack learns a lesson.
Unbroken by Pink Diamonds - When Dr. Carter loses Jack, she goes through the quantum mirror to find another one, and things go tragically wrong. In a last desperate bid to make things right, she finds our universe and an unsuspecting SG1. AU

Comes the Dawn by Pink Diamonds - The SGC attempts to cope in an unsettled world when an act of terror changes the world and the SGC. AU

Volume 3 - 94512 words, 249 pages

Water, Water Everywhere By Annie - Daniel runs into trouble offworld.
Symphony of the Senses by eilidh17 - For Jack, it's always been about control

Living the Moment by eilidh17 - Revelations from within and without, as Jack and Daniel discover they can both love and be loved.
Leaving Colorado by Annie - Daniel is losing hope
The Note by Freyasboy - It seems Jack has a blind date, but who can it be?
Degrees of Trust by Lyn - Trust can take time
Maybe Next Time, Maybe Never by Pinkyridz - Daniel and General Hammond bond on their journey back to earth after the aborted mission to Atlantis
Lost In Translation by Lady Grey - Following the death of Sarah Gardner, Daniel realizes it's time he finally learned how to really live. Believing he can never reveal his true feelings to the one he truly loves, he seeks companionship in the hopes that he can find happiness in the arms of someone else
A Different Kind of Pain by JayEm - In a world much changed by the Ori, Daniel searches for Jack.

Volume 4 - 113790 words, 262 pages

That Which Denies by JayEm - Jack has missed something. And someone.
With Sword and Salt by Marzipan77 - Kinsey and the NID have been searching for a way to target Jack O’Neill and SG-1 since Jack and the Asgard took out Harry Maybourne’s off-world operation. Aiming for SG-1′s vulnerable heart, Daniel Jackson, seems like the perfect idea.

AWOL by Lady Grey - Feeling sure that he can never be with Daniel, Jack tries to convince himself that he belongs with Sam, and he takes a new position at the SGC to give that relationship a try. Daniel disappears off-world, trying to run away from his broken heart and unable to watch Jack and Sam together. Soon Sam realizes that Jack will never belong to her. A desperate search for Daniel ensues, but only Jack can find him, following his heart across the universe to the man he loves.


 Note: I asked a lot of authors to contribute but did not hear back from all of them. If you are a writer, please don't be offended if you feel I didn't include you... I probably tried and, despite monumental effort, am only human. ;) If you are a reader and your favorite isn't included, see the above and remember some writers are inordinately modest and insecure (yes, I'm talking to you) folk who didn't feel comfortable with picking a personal 'best', but also write and tell me and I'll add it to a list for a possible second volume later on. Maybe a Reader's Choice. ;)

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