JoaG 1

This slash volume includes 11 wonderful JoaG stories (listed below). 243 pages, 116102 words. Web formatted. 12 pt book antiqua..75 margins. Stories are NC17 unless otherwise marked. Art by Eiligh and JayEm.

Stories included:

The Return - Jack and Daniel reunite after a long mission

Salvation -  Daniel is rescued, Jack helps him to cope   

Deliverance - Daniel is rescued, Jack helps him to cope (Sequel to Salvation)

Silent Memories - After Daniel is rescued,he's unable to communicate

Secrets - Jack and Daniel's secret is finally discovered

Ice Storm - An ice storm, Daniel's sick... what else can go wrong?

Rain Check - Daniel begins acting a little strange (sequel to Ice Storm)

Coming Home - short epilogue to Ice Storm and Rain Check

ZeroGrav -   Fun for the boys in zero gravity  

Sensory Overload - Daniel is found unresponsive, and isn't able to tell anyone what happened due to 'sensory overload'

The Lareina -  Offworld and days from Earth, Daniel falls sick

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