JoaG 3

This slash volume includes 10 wonderful JoaG stories (listed below). 278 pages, 110384 words. Web formatted. 12 pt book antiqua..75 margins. Stories are PG13 to NC17. Art by Eiligh and JayEm.

Stories included:

Coming Home - Jack and Daniel are "Reunited"

Algidity - Separated from his team, Daniel has to make his way back to the Stargate alone on a cold, wet planet

Scars 'n Roses - A visit from an offworld friend wreaks a little havoc in Jack and Daniel's lives

Spilled Blood - Daniel encounters a primitive people. Still, appearances can be deciving.

Dance for me - A party on an alien world causes a misunderstanding

Manacles, Boonies, and Bandanas — OH MY,  (or in other words, Bad Fic #2) - An off-world incident brings two lovebirds together at last. Woohoo! Warning: This is a badfic in its purest form

A Fine Mess - Just a bad dream. Or is it?

Miracle Upon Miracles - A series of events leave Jack and the team thinking Daniel is dead. Unfortunately those same events have a seriously injured Daniel thinking the same thing. Can he find the will to recover once they're reunited?


Lost Legends -

Legends usually have a basis in reality, or It Wants to Follow Daniel Home

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Daniel discovers a disturbing truth about Osiris.


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