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This is one of the few rare times I’ll be publishing het…especially Sam/Jack. Be aware, however, that the first two stories in this volume are not the usual variety of S/J stories. As LG herself explains in the warnings for Love. Honor. Cherish. that story can be considered very much anti-S/J. There is no happy ending there.  In The Scent of Violets, there are allusions to deeper feelings, but, again, no happy ending. Crown of Janus is Daniel/Vala and, it must be said, there is far more likelihood of future happiness, and far more sex. ;)

156 pages, 84581 words. 12 pt Book Antiqua, .75 margins. Rated NC17

Stories included:

Love. Cherish. Honor - A bird in the hand is worth a flock in the tree, and Sam must face the repercussions of her choices. (anti-S/J) WARNINGS:  Explicit sex (m/f)

The Scent of Violets (Sam/Teal'c, Sam/Daniel, Sam/Jack) - What happens to the team when aliens try to humiliate them by forcing them to betray an intimate trust? (anti-S/J) WARNINGS:  Explicit sex (m/f). Non-consensual. Multiple partners.

The Crown of Janus (novella)- Vala steals Daniel from the SGC and hoodwinks him into helping her become filthy rich – and along the way, he learns an important lesson about judging others.  WARNINGS:  Explicit sex (m/f) Daniel/Vala.

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