Lady Grey - Pearls of Wisdom
- A novel length story told in five parts.

Part I: A Thousand Miles
Rating: NC-17
Jack realizes too late that his feelings for Daniel are more than just friendship.

When he gets a second chance to act on that love, he passes it up until their mis-remembered

past brings Daniel to seek comfort in his arms.

Part II: Unguarded
Following Daniel’s return from negotiating a treaty with the Unas, he and Jack spend

a night together to celebrate, and Daniel waits for a very special acknowledgement.

Part III: The Quiet One
Synopsis: Following a devastating injury, Daniel begs Jack to end his suffering but his lover is unable to 
comply. That leaves Daniel with only   one choice, one he promised himself he would never make… to become 
a Tok’ra host. (completely revised!)
 Part IV: Passion            
Synopsis: A mission to explore a ruined observatory on an alien world leads to the discovery that an 
archaeologist from Earth has been stranded there for   years... because of Jack O’Neill. Now he and the 
team must find the missing man, if he is even still alive.

Part V: The Book of Thoth      

Synopsis: Jack’s spur-of-the-moment decision to host Thoth becomes the catalyst that throws the entire 
galaxy into full-scale war. Will he and Daniel   survive? Will Jack ever return to Earth, or will he 
be trapped in a prison of his own making for the rest of his life, with only his symbiote for company?
 182426 words, 316 pages, 10 pt Book Antiqua, .67 margins. Art by Lady Grey and JayEm
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