Lady Grey - Slash 2
96526 words, 244 pages, 11 pt Book Antiqua, .75 margins. Art by Eilidh17, Lady Grey, and JayEm. Special thanks to Eilidh17 for all her help.
A Mind of My Own - Blackmail is a beautiful thing. So is revenge (NC17)
Rebuttal: A Mind of My Own - Archaeologicus Minor has something to say about it all.(NC17)
A Walk in the Park- Sometimes changing your life really is a walk in the park
Into the Blue - Aliens made them do it, and it wasn't pretty. Warnings: BDSM. Non-con. Darkfic. Slash. First time (NC17)
Private Dancer - There's Daniel. There's music. There's dancing. Jack gets more than an eyeful. (NC17)
Silence - Daniel has something he knows he can never tell Jack, but on a quiet night off world, the truth finds its own way out. 
Stars in His Eyes - Daniel's college roommate provides the necessary push to get him and Jack together.
Quicksilver - Jack attempts to tell Daniel something important, only he doesn't understand the message himself until Daniel translates it for him much later.(NC17)
Reality Check - During the course of an off-world mission, Daniel contemplates what makes some universes more real than others with an interesting new friend.
Souvenir - Jack makes an announcement without saying a word.
Through the Looking Glass: The End - After Daniel's death, Jack struggles just to make it through the day. A second chance from an unexpected source brings him hope and
happiness. (NC17)
Through the Looking Glass: In Darkness Dwell - After changing universes to find Daniel again, Jack must determine what happened to his lover during an off-world diplomatic mission that resulted in Daniel losing his sight (NC17)
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