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This is a special treat for our Ancient's Gate readers. Reader's Choice is exactly what it says, the best of SG1 slash picked by the you the readers. It's a multi-volume set of 75 - 100k plus word zines containing previously published online works by some of your favorite authors. Each story will have at least 3-5 pieces of art tailored to the individual story. Some have also been re-edited. Zines are web formatted with .75 margins all around.

Volume 1 - 126,968 words, 297 pgs

Cliffhanger by Ankh

Silent Memories by Joag

A Lifetime by Sideburns


Volume 2 - 187,310, 366 pgs

Courage of the Heart by Brenda Anders

The Word is Stay by babs

What is Essential by Joag and babs

Rainbow Warrior by Lady Grey


Volume 3 - 171, 511 words, 367 pgs

I Never by Xochiquetzl and Dionysus

Forever Love Series by Debi C


Volume 4 - 128, 979 words, 346 pgs

Just Play it Loud by Nicci

A Life Lived by Sideburns

Trust by Darcy

Ice Storm by Joag

Temptation by Circe

Lemon Tree by Gateroller

Gemini by Lady Grey


Volume 5 - 151243 words, 322 pgs

Fire and Ice by ELG

Long and Winding Yellow Brick Road by Sideburns

That Which Denies by JayEm

Recovery Position by Brenda and ElG

Sensory Overload by Joag


Volume 6 - 75184 words, 159 pgs

(this volume contains scenes of violence and non-consensual sex)

Manipulation by Kalimyre

Tormentor by Clarity



Volume 7 - 109449 words, 235 pgs

The Car Series by Devra

Paternal Instincts by Gershwin and Sideburns

The Search by Debi C

Search Pattern by Debi C


Volume 8 - 141567 words, 338 pgs

Guardians of the Heart by babs and Devra

Who Wants to Live Forever by Sideburns

The Seaside series by Brionhet

Consequences by Fabrisse

Calendar Boys by Pie

Inside These Walls by Imagine


Note: A request was sent to all nominees. In some cases, emails on stories were no longer valid, in others, the author declined. I did my best!

Available now for pre-order! Should be ready on or about May 15.

Downloadable version of the full multi-volume set in PDF, sent as individual files for easier download or combined on request.

$25.00 Worldwide

*Download instructions will be sent by email once payment is received.


Multi-volume set on one CD in PDF

$28.00 US
30.00 USD Canada & Overseas


Or if you just want a couple volumes:

Individual volumes - 10.00 Indicate which zine you want in notice section of order process
Individual volumes on CD, US - 14.00 Indicate which zine you want in notice section of order process
Individual volumes on CD, CA/Overseas - 17.00 Indicate which zine you want in notice section of order process

Print Zines

Print zines are exactly like the downloadable ones except interior art will be black & white due to cost and labor constraints.

Individual volumes, indicate which zine you want in notice section of order process

$39.00 Worldwide
50.00 Canada & Overseas

Special Price for full set in print

230.00 US
275.00 Canada & Overseas


*Print zines are available for delivery to some conventions which saves postage. Please contact me if you're interested.

*All prices include shipping and handling. Please allow up to 2 weeks for domestic and three weeks for Canada/overseas delivery.

**Hotmail users contact me if you don't receive your download information within 24 hours. If buying multiple zines, contact me for postage adjustment.**


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