AG13: Men Like Us

This 175 page slash compilation contains stories by Joag, Nancy, babs and JayEm (collaboration), Sistine, JayEm, and new slash author, Trajan. Each story includes a minimum of 2 pieces of art created specifically to illustrate the beautiful words (unless requested otherwise by the author for spoiler purposes). Stories range from PG to NC17. Web formatted with .75 margins, 58k words.

Stories in contents order:

Chaplain Series: Meridian by Fabrisse - Can hope be found amidst a loss?

Men Like Us by JayEm - "How beautiful maleness is, if it finds its right expression." - DH Lawrence

Little Soldiers by Trajan - All men do it...

The Right Path by Sistine - After Daniel descends, he and Jack seem to argue all the time.  So someone unexpected intervenes to set them back on the right path.

Watch Your Step by Nancy R - One false step and Daniel stumbles into trouble.

Not in Particular Will by babs and JayEm - A tragedy in the gateroom brings the SGC to a standstill.

The Forgiving Ceremony by Joag - An alien ceremony has grave consequences (novela length).

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