AG7: Ancient of Days

This 248 page slash compilation contains stories by Sideburns, Devra,Joag, Graculus, new writer JDjunkie, Nancy, Sistine, JayEm. Each story includes a minimum of 2 pieces of art created specifically to illustrate the beautiful words (unless requested otherwise by the author for spoiler purposes). Stories range from PG to PG13. Web formatted with .75 margins, word count 92.706

Stories in contents order:

A Man Called Daniel by Sideburns - A 'what if Jack had talked to Daniel before the mission to Kelowna' fic.

Clarification by Devra - Daniel needs a reminder about what a successful mission means

Almost is Close Enough by Joag - Drowning Daniel! ::gasp:::

In His Mind's Eye by Graculus - Jack's fantasy life comes to light.

Cold by JDJunkie - More than the weather has cast a chill over jack and Daniel.

Waiting Again by Nancy - Daniel must keep Jack alive until help arrives. Waiting reveals more than either man counted on.

The Age Inside by Sistine - This is an AU look at a Daniel who survives abuse and a Jack who opens his heart to the boy and the man.

Ancient of Days by JayEm - On the cusp of nine years of Jack and Daniel, the heart, however cliched, does go on....

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