An Ancient's Gate Special: You'll Be Alright

This 281 page slash zine is actually a gift zine compiled, organized and handed over to me by Devra and Joag in a slightly embarrassing (I may never stop blushing!) but greatly humbling and appreciated gesture of friendship I will never be able to fully thank them for, Featuring stories by those two self-described naggers as well as iiiionly, babs, Darcy, Lyn, and Annie as well as manips by Joag and Annie, and a sketches by Wilma. This zine also has a companion video called It'll Be Alright by the incomparable Darcy which can be viewed here. 97960 words. Web formatted with .75 margins, 12 pt. Book Antiqua font. Stories range from G to NC17.

Stories in contents order:

Pieces by Devra - Jack's bored and makes an assumption.

Runner by Annie - A painful anniversary brings about confusion.

The Wedding Planner by iiiionly - "It was never wise to bet against Daniel" (Jack/Daniel, Sam/Pete).

The Things You Do for Love by Devra- Daniel has trouble sleeping after Osiris' house calls.

Curiosity Killed the Cat by Devra - "Daniel never, ever saw that one coming".

Heroes and Friends by Darcy - Jack gets an unexpected reminder of his past.

Dinner and a Movie by babs - That Adam guy in the bargain bin movie looks an awful lot like Daniel....

Underdog by Devra - "I may just test how much you love me by having you clean up my vomit".

In Search of a Dhingle by Joag - Light years from home and not a dhingle in sight...

Things Happen by Devra - All for one. One for all.

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