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One of the many wonderful things about fandom is the community it represents. Babs was someone I got to know both from her heartfelt stories and from mutual friends. I treasure every word from her keyboard, but not nearly as much as I treasure her support and friendship. This is the first of several volumes by the wonderful Babs. 107373 words, 292 pages, web formatted with .75 margins. Art by Eilidh17 (happy birthday, hon) and JayEm.


Stories in contents order:

A Beautiful Light - Christmas Eve brings some realizations to Jack.

A Good Man is Hard to Find - Sometimes it's nice to let someone else take care of you.

A Light in the Darkness - Teal'c realizes some things about Daniel Jackson.
A Piece of the Wilderness - Jack and Daniel are taken prisoner off-world and Jack gives Daniel something to hope for.

All Sad Words - After Daniel descends, he and Jack attempt to rebuild their friendship.

And Until We Meet Again - Jack: alone.

Anything for a Friend - Jack helps out when Daniel runs into trouble off-world.

Baseball and Bicycles - An encounter with Sara has Jack remembering.

Better Late than Never - A belated birthday celebration gives Daniel a present he adores.

Between the Turkey and the Pumpkin Pie - Jack has a revelation.

Blue Mountain Blues - Daniel deals with the after effects of a mission.

Border of Sorrows - Cooking and the hard questions in life.

But Now I See - An accident opens Daniel's eyes to the truth.

But Soon - A mission leaves Jack fighting for his life.

By the Numbers - Sam feels guilty for an injury Daniel receives on a mission.

Centaur - Linguist in Leather, Colonel in Crisis. Jack discovers Daniel's secret passion.

Dinner and a Movie - That Adam guy in the bargain movie bin sure looks like an awful lot like Daniel. Otherwise known as SG-1 watches Sumuru on movie night.

Drat the Zat - Daniel has a little accident

Driving Lessons - A chance encounter with a woman from his past makes Jack remember some painful times.

Facing the Waves - Jack realizes how much he loves Daniel after nearly losing him.

Faded Memories - Keeping memories alive.

Finding Christmas - Jack finds Christmas off-world.

First Steps - Jack and Daniel's friendship is crashing and burning.

Flights of Angels - "Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet prince,And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!" (warning: major character death)

Grace for the Moment - When Jack gets bad news, Daniel comforts him.

Hidden Gifts - Jack learns what really matters at Christmas, but then again he always knew.

Home Fires Burning - No one should ever be alone for Christmas.

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