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Babs 3: Slash

One of the many wonderful things about fandom is the community it represents. Babs was someone I got to know both from her heartfelt stories and from mutual friends. I treasure every word from her keyboard, but not nearly as much as I treasure her support and friendship. This is the last of three slash volumes by the wonderful Babs. 147752 words, 334 pages, web formatted with .75 margins. Art by Eilidh17.


Stories in contents order:

Journey- Daniel and Sam make it out of a bad situation only to find their journey is not yet done.

Touches of the Heart - Why do we always wait to say the words we need to say?

Treasure the Moments - A mission away from SG-1 that goes badly wrong leaves Daniel with a choice: run away from his feelings or confront them.

Welcome Home - Jack visits an overcaffeinated, overtired Daniel.

What Endures - Where do Jack and Daniel go from here? This fic involves permanent injury to one of the characters.

What I Do for You - Just what lengths will Jack go to for Daniel?

Who Loves the Rain - Offworld rainstorm, Jack, Daniel, 'nuff said.

Winner Take All - An epilogue to the story Win/Win Situation by lilyleia78 which can be found here:

Without Compare: the other side of Sine Qua Non - A companion story to Sine Qua Non (part of the Wayward Son AU series by JoAG and Devra). What happens to the Daniel in our universe after the Daniel from the Wayward Son universe saves his life?

The Word is Stay - Daniel needs an operation and Jack is there for him.

Those Left Behind - A story of milestones missed.

Time to Say Goodbye - Daniel's life is turned upside down by the return of someone he once knew.

In the Hands of Love - An off-world accident has repercussions for Jack's and Daniel's relationship.

Guardians of the Heart by babs and Devra - While Jack is away, Sam takes care of Daniel.

A Taste of Your Own Medicine by babs Catspaw and Joolz - Sam's only thought is for the guys' well being. Really.

Manacles, Bandanas and Boonies by babs DebA devra iiiionly JoaG OneofAradia - An off-world incident brings two lovebirds together at last. Woohoo!

As the Chevrons Lock by babs DebA devra JoaG Kalee and OneofAradia - A member of SG1 gets the stuffing knocked out of him

Amusement Park: A Goodbye to Dreams Missing Scene by babs and Devra - A missing scene from the Goodbye to Dreams fic.

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