Devra & JoaG

This 280 page slash (with one gen tie in) zine contains stories written by each of these remarkable ladies alone but interwoven or together..75 margins all around. Includes art by Eilidh and JayEm, cover art by Eilidh. 208230 words.

Bitten by JoaG and Devra - Jack gets an ouchie

Crutches by JoaG and Devra - Daniel learns that he needs to lean on others once in a while

The Journey Home by JoaG - The Journey Home from Central America begins.

Journey's End by Devra - The journey home from Central America comes to an end

Wings of Change by JoaG - An AU gen fic, set in New York City early in Jack's career. Please read the warning at the start of the story.

Never Turn Back Time by Devra - A slash continuation of Wings of Change.Daniel and Jack visit NYC and memories are stirred.

A Coming Storm by JoaG and Devra - Stranded and injured off-world, Jack and Daniel are forced to battle their emotions while fighting for their lives in a deadly storm (slash)

No Regrets by JoaG and Devra - Misfortune brings unexpected consequences for Daniel (slash)

Dream of Minnesota by JoaG and Devra - Daniel is brainwashed into slavery (slash)

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