Helping Hands - A zine for a friend in need

The best thing about belonging to the Stargate family is that your fellow fans actually do care about you.
 Maryanne found this out when she needed that little bit of extra help. One of our most beloved list sibs, Maryanne merely asked for our good wishes, and instead of shrugging it off, her Stargate family rallied to her aid.  People offered art, their stories, or their beta skills, and before we knew it, Maryanne’s zine was born. We hope you enjoy the zine complete with wonderful art, and we thank you for supporting our dear friend, Maryanne

This zine includes a massive amount of stories contributed by some of the top authors in Stargate fandom. Stories are gen SG1 unless otherwise noted below, but there are some het and slash in both SG1 and SGA.

348 pages, 100921 words, 11 pt Book Antiqua, .75 margins available only in download and on CD.


The Brave By amberfly – Tag to New Ground.  Safe on Earth, Nyan finds he really is among friends.

Given the Bird by Ennie (SGA gen)– Rodney seals a trade deal in a most unusual way.

Repercussions By Annie – Jack visits Daniel at home after the events of Legacy.

Heroes, Just for One Day (Slash) By Deb C – Jack and Daniel fall for each other in a most unusual way.

Itchy and Scratchy By DennyJ - Jack and Daniel tangle with the local flora and suffer the consequences.

T is for Thanks by samantilles – A series of short episode tags in which Daniel thanks Janet for all the times she’s helped him.

Pretty Poison (Gen SGA) By Ennie – Rodney suffers an allergic reaction from a most unusual source.

Assassination Attempt (Slash) By Deb C – Jack takes a bullet in an assassination attempt.

Hostage (Slash) By Deb C – Jack is a little disorientated after being shot.

Confrontation (Slash) By Deb C – Jack reveals why he left the SGC for Washington.

No Choice By Carlyn – Daniel is given a tough choice.

I’m Going Home By DineySet between Full Circle and Fallen.  Daniel is finally going home.

Nothing Unusual … For SG1 by Lady D – SG-1 are injured in a most unique way.

The Colonel and the Doctor by Mickey – Jack is being a difficult patient.

Reclaiming Friendship By Carlyn – A tag to Legacy.  Daniel and Janet clear the air after the unfortunate events of Legacy.

Lessons Learned (Gen SGA) By Ennie – Kolya learns the price of crossing one Rodney McKay.

Girls Night Out (Gen SGA) By Susie – In control of McKay’s body, Cadman takes him for a night out.  Missing scene from Duet.

Feeling Testes By Cheryl – Jack’s unusual injury requires some inventive attention.

Drifting By Karen /s – Injured and dying, Jack is given a choice to make from an old friend.

The Last Test (Gen SGA) By Ennie – Rodney is feared dead after undergoing a test of worthiness.

Repercussions By Cheryl – Jack and General Hammond discuss the fallout from the events Daniel and Bill Lee’s trip to Honduras.  Tag to Evolutions. 

The Storyteller (gen SGA) By Ennie - Rodney connects with Atlantis in a very special way.

Soul Deep (Slashy overtones) By Deb C – Daniel’s thoughts about Jack.

Puck You By Lady D – A bit of fun in an off world game and Daniel gets to be the… read on and find out!

Last of the Bad Guys  (Gen) by GateGremlyn – Dinner at O’Malley’s and Jack gets to reflect on his friends after the events of Continuum.

Lady Redundant Woman (gen SGA) By Ennie – A copy, a duplicate… but Lady Redundant would rise once again and build a life for herself.

Poisoned by Prosperity (Slash) by Debi C – Jack is ill, and it’s more than just physical.

Saving Jack (Slash) by Debi C – Good intentions gone not quite right.  Jack recuperation hits a bump in the road… or is that an archaeologist?

Accidental Scientist by Carlyn – Jack is on the receiving end of one of Carter’s experiments.  Gone wrong.

Mind Play By Cheryl – Daniel is caught in a game of emotional warfare.

Poison By Lady D – Jealousy spawns and Daniel is the target of a disgruntled colleague.

Secrets and Lies (Het) By LE McMurray – Prequel for Secrets.  Pregnant, Sha’re returns to Abydos and the arms of her father, but is forced to lie to protect Daniel.

A Short, Long Trip (Gen SGA) By Mickey – The starting events of Rising from John Sheppard’s POV.

A Great Relief (Het Jack/Sara) By Mickey – Jack’s thoughts while Sara is having Charlie.

Unbelievable (Gen SGA) By Ennie – A little off world accident leaves Rodney suffering.

Zappers by Maj Cliffhanger – Tag to Prodigy.  Jack’s tangle with the energy bugs lands him in Janet’s capable hands.

Pharaoh By Cheryl - Missing scene for Into the Fire. AU.  Daniel is at the mercy of Hathor who wants him as her Pharaoh. 

His Angel’s Voice (het SGA) By ltcoljsheppard – Badly wounded, John wakes to the comfort of his angel’s voice.

Countdown By Tate – Daniel runs afoul of an alien device set to a countdown.  Fortunately, Teal’c is around to save the day.

A Friend By Kelli – Tag to Death Knell.  Jack visits Sam in the infirmary after their defeat of the super soldier.

What the Captain Saw by Debi C – Sam gets more than she bargained for when she walks into the change room.

Grace Under Pressure (slash SGA)  By Annie – Tag to Grace Under Pressure.  Rodney has one last conversation with Sam after he returns to Atlantis. 

Drawing the Line by Laura – With Daniel and Jack’s friendship and ability to work together on the line, Jack decides to take matters into his own hands. With sketches by Laura.

Charade (Gen SGA) By Mickey – John has been poisoned, his team split up.  How will he find them and get them home?

A Different Ending By Amberfly – What if Jack had been on the Odyssey during Unending?

Unwinding the Cloth by Marzipan77- Daniel the Prior has wrenched control from the anti-prior device, beamed Woolsey to the SGC and beamed Jack up onto the Odyssey where he is alone on the bridge.

The Metis by Lyn - When the team is captured offworld, an injured and self-doubting Daniel becomes their only hope of escape.

Samhainby Eilidh and DennyJ – All Hallows Eve has taken on a new and terrifying meaning on a distant planet.  The spirits have chosen a new beloved.

Broken Groundby Marzipan77– Tag and missing scene to New Ground.  What we didn’t see when Daniel was at the mercy of the Bedrosians.

Award(Gen SGA) By Ennie – Episode tag of sorts to Sateda.  Rodney is recovering from his recent arrow wound and the team decides to surprise him. 

Feeling the Needby Cheryl – Tag to Need.  Jack attempts to calm Daniel in the storeroom while waiting for help.

Don’t Go There(Gen SGA) By Ennie – Rodney laments on events in his life.  The losses and the failures.

Under a Harvest Moon(het SGA) By: KellethMetheus – A harvest moon is a spectacular sight… and many believe it is blessed with special powers.  John and Teyla find out just how true that is.

Crampsby Taylyn10 – Ah, a little taste of Christmas Eve celebrations gone wrong!

Keeping it TogetherBy Mickey – Torture is an ugly word, but Jack needs to hold himself together until rescue arrives.

Stuck in the Middle with YuBy Tate - A Filk based on Stuck in the Middle with You by Stealers Wheel

Sam By Lisa – Sam’s final moments with her father.  Missing scene for Threads.

Silent Wish By Cheryl – Daniel is stuck in his own private hell.

Plus 80 pages of drabbles (and somewhat longer stories) based on challenges presented on the Stargate Drabbles List from authors like DennyJ, Lunar, DebiC, LinT, and many more. Also contains a cartoon short by Laura.


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Helping Hands


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