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While I’ve watched Numb3rs on and off for years, I’ve resisted getting involved in the fandom or reading the stories. I have to admit, these gems by the inimitable JoaG and Devra have launched me into a love of reading the characters as much as watching them. I have long cried ‘I don’t need another fandom’, but hey, maybe I do. I can definitely make room in my fandom heart for the Eppes boys without squeezing out Jack and Daniel. I hope you can too. ;)

190 pages, 68271 words 12 pt Book Antiqua Web format. .75 margins.

Coping the Best you Can  by JoaG - Charlie tries to help out a student and ends up in hot water

Dinner at the Eppes' by devra  - A peek into life at the Eppes' home

One Lucky Guy by devra  - The aftermath of Sniper Zero

No Regrets by devra  - Don and Charlie have a little talk

Chicken Soup for the Mathematician's Soul by devra  - When the numbers on the board begin to blur, Charlie is positive he's sick.

A Friendly Game by devra  - Charlie and Don become distracted on their way home

Thanks for the Memories by devra  - Alan reminds Charlie where memories are stored

Cold Fear by JoaG - Charlie lands himself in trouble

What was Once Lost, the Heart Remembers by JoaG -  Charlie's at the wrong place at the wrong time (novella)

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