Gear Up - an NCIS Gen Zine

And now for something completely different. ;)

This is an NCIS gen zine so don't be peeking around for Jack and Daniel. It's a first for us, to have an entire zine devoted to a fandom other than SG1. The thing the two have in common, it seems to me as an outsider seeing these
stories for the first time is the 'team as family' aspect we all love so well.

As I'm personally a troglodyte with no life and haven't seen this show, Annie is the one upon whom kudos should be bestowed. Annie gathered the stories,, reminded the artists and authors, alphaed and betaed, and got all the headaches I usually do. I just put it all together and polished it a dab. I'd get on my knees to her if I weren't so old and she weren't a continent or two away. Kudos and many thanks,  m'dear. ;)

160 pages, 59535 words. 12 pt Book Antiqua, .75 margins

Cover and illustrative art by Eilidh17 , layout by JayEm. Story title art Choices - Lyn, art credit for Testing Courage - AnnieB, all other title art by Zabby

Stories included:

Choices by Lyn
  - Tim receives validation of his choice to become a NCIS field agent from the most unlikely source.

Confidential by TaylorGibbs  - Gibbs' secret life as a science fiction author is exposed.

Determination by TaylorGibbs -  When La Grenouille takes a young boy captive, it sets into motion an explosive chain of events.

Testing Courage by Annie -  There's a time for teasing and a time for friendship...

Truth Be Told by BuffyAngel68    A week or so past the episode "Probie", Tim is suddenly facing anonymous attacks from every direction, both physical and otherwise.The team is determined to find the source before the young man can be taken from them

Turning the Tide by Starbuck Sue     Set early in the second season. Tim has just joined the team and is unsure of his place while Kate and Tony are still trying to adjust to having another team member.

We Climbed So High.Once by Tiv'ester - The team learns of Tony's secret past in Peoria when a killer he
captured returns. Can they find the killer and protect Tony as their efforts are undermined by the FBI? (novella)

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Print Zines

Print zines are exactly like the downloadable ones except interior art will be black & white due to cost and labor constraints.

24.00 US - 32.00 Canada & Overseas

*Print zines are available for delivery to some conventions which saves postage. Please contact me if you're interested.

*All prices include shipping and handling. Please allow up to 2 weeks for domestic and three weeks for Canada/overseas delivery of CD zines. 4-6 weeks for delivery of print zines.

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