AG Showcase Special 6: Quality of Mercy by ELG

A 285 page gen novel.

Summary: Daniel's ill treatment by the priests of Onuris causes Jack and Teal'c to forget their own compassion. Unable to escape from a hostile world, it becomes increasingly apparent that SG-1 is trapped within a self-fulfilling prophecy of which only they are ignorant. But will their attempts to evade the wrath of a vengeful Goa'uld, free the people from a false god, or only bring about their own deaths?

Rated R: Web formatted with .75 margins, 11 pt Book Antiqua font. 164324 words.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Violence. Language. Physical and emotional cruelty to SG-1. Attempted rape of a major character. Description of a medical procedure performed upon a major character. Mention of previous minor character(s) death(s). Some romantic implications in relationship between Sam and Martouf. Plus, Jack and Daniel hold a few rather dubious conversations. Basically every member of SG-1 is traumatized and/or physically damaged in some way during the course of this story. On the upside, Daniel is naked for one scene, and SG-1 do all briefly wear pyjamas.

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