Seasons 2- An Ancient's Gate Holiday Special

This 195 page mixed genre zine features previously archived gen, slash and kidfic stories from Marzipan, Denny J, Debbie, Eilidh17, Storyhaus, Pinkyridz, Jmas, & JayEm. All stories used with permission. Art by Eilidh17 and JayEm. Stories range from G to NC17. Web formatted with .5 margins, 71437 words

Stories included:

Gen Stories
Season of Hope by Denny J - Life would not be worth living without hope.
Bonds of Friendship by Eilidh17 - An accident offworld with another team lands Daniel in the infirmary on Christmas eve.
"Ho, Ho, Ho...Santa Would Know" by Debbie - Jack's on a mission to discover who is on top of the base naughty list.
Some Things Never Change by Jmas - Getting Daniel back alive allows Jack to reassess the past few months since Daniel 's return
Family Trimmings by Eilidh17 - Sam reminisces over people and events in her life as she decorates her Christmas tree.
Five Pictures by Eilidh17 - SG-1 uses five pictures to remind Daniel of Christmas.
"Too Many Kisses Under the Mistletoe" by Debbie - Daniel has a slight mistletoe problem.
SG-1 and the Christmas Miracle by Storyhaus – Miracles come in all shapes and sizes
Making Like Santa by Eilidh17 - Jack and Daniel get into a little Christmas trouble.
Christmas Flu Blues by Storyhaus – Santa gets a hand
The Gift by Jmas – Gifts are more than just packages
Promises by Denny J – Sometimes help is needed to keep a promise
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Pinkyridz - Daniel's sick off world, how will his illness impact of Jack's plans for a team Christmas
"Ancient Hands" by Debbie - Daniel finds a problem only he can fix.
Lochy by Eilidh17 - After his downsizing, Daniel has lost the ability to communicate with his team/family. A very special family member brings him out of his shell until disaster strikes.
"Santa's Moonlighting" by Debbie - Daniel discovers something in the chimney.
"Pepper, the *Tail* of a Christmas Mouse" by Debbie - The story of Daniel and his mouse, Pepper.
Traditional Differences by Eilidh17 - John tries to explain some of the aspects of Christmas to a downsized Ronon (SGA). 
Slash (J/D)
Kisseltoe  by marzipan77 – Don’t go under the mistletoe…
Unheralded by marzipan77 - It came without ribbons. It came without tags.
On a Prayer by JayEm – A bit Frequency and a bit It’s a Wonderful Life. A what if story of second chances (NC17).


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