Sideburns 2

This is the second slash volume of Sideburns' work and includes 9 of her amazing stories. Several of these are novella length including There's No Place Like Home. Most are holiday themed. 12 pt book antiqua, with .5 margins. 276 pages, 97767 words. Art by Eilidh and JayEm.

Don't Open the Door - Daniel celebrates his first Halloween in his new home
Halloween's Lonely Call - Takes place after Ex Deus Machina. Another Halloween, but Daniel isn't looking forward to this one. Something -- or someone -- is missing.
Soul Searching - SG-1 brings something back from a planet, Jack ponders God and the Devil, and it's All Hallows Eve
A Christmas Green Cream Cake - George Hammond is giving a holiday party and Daniel takes Jack up on a dare
Puff, The New Year Cream - An injured member of SG-1 must spend New Year's in the Infirmary and another member decides that he won't be alone
There's No Place Like Home - This is an AU version of Season 9. Written 100% for myself. Also, was written before knowing about the Ori yet my baddies are very close. I made a couple of changes based on the opening of Avalon.
The Meaning of Christmas - It's Christmas, SG-1 has just returned from a very successful mission, and Daniel realizes he's bought no gifts yet
The Meaning of Christmas 2: The Gift - The holidays without Daniel

A Walk in the Park - Just before Christmas, Daniel takes a walk in the park and finds the courage he needs.


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