That Best Portion: A zine for Grant

That best portion of a good man's life,
His little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.
William Wordsworth (1770 - 1850)

We've put together a multifandom zine to benefit Susan who faces a situation many of us have faced or will face within our family at some point. Due to her husband, Grant's cancer and treatment (with no insurance to fall back on), this fan and her family face medical bills far above their ability to pay. As many of us know, it's difficult enough dealing with illness without the added stress of knowing bills are piling up and the means to pay them just isn't there.

if you can help with a donation, please click the link below the order area.

This 2 volume set includes...

Volume 1 - 85217 words, 220 pages, 12 pt Book Antiqua 

Walking on Winter's Edge by rosewarren (Dr Who) -It’s always winter on Woman Wept.
After by Yum@(Torchwood) - It's not the things you do that make you a hero, but sometimes it's the things you don't.
John Barrowman sketch by Enednoviel

Betrayal by Sparkle731 (Starsky & Hutch)-After Kira, Hutch promised Starsky that nothing like that would ever happen again. What happens when Starsky believes that Hutch broke that promise?
The Letter by Amberfly (SG1) - Sam had spent so long saving the world, she'd forgotten how to save herself
Tumbling Down by Eilidh17 (SG1)-I sneezed
A Day at a Gallery by Lunar (SG1)-It's a warm summer's day, I'm not working, and where am I? 
Garishly Green Tea by Wildwinterwitch (Dr Who) -It was on the planet with the purple sky and the orange grass that it all started to fall apart
Ten Years after Journey's End by Sensiblecat (Dr Who) -He’s off into the Vortex faster than you could say, “Her name was Rose,” and that’s exactly how he wants it, because nobody can reach him up there
Mister Beans by Amberfly (Bonanza) -Joe hopped off his bed and paced his room, inspecting all his toys and treasures carefully. “This is more than terrible,” he moaned
Pain That I'm Used To by Roo (SG1)- Jack POV in the aftermath of the Enemy within and Abydos.
The Pride of the 4077th by Jess Single (MASH/Pride and Prejudice) -To Major Fitzwilliam Darcy, M.D., she was just some faceless, nameless nurse. (William/Elisabeth)
Drabbles of Dr Who by Kevin Litten (Dr Who)- a peek into the lives of the first five Doctors
Strawberry Rain by wishiknewwho (Dr Who) -You smell like strawberries
War by wishiknewwho (Dr Who)-She didn’t mean to start a war--really she didn’t
The Last Daughter by By Jess Single (DC-verse) - What is it like to live with the hand of destiny against your back?
A Chance Meeting by ltcoljsheppard (SG1/SGA) -This couldn't possibly happen twice in one day and with.... the same lady
A Friendship Shared by Lunar
(SG1)-Where'd ya go now?  
An Open Journal by Eilidh17 (SG1)- There is something innately personal about a journal.
Technical Difficulty By Lady D (SG1)- The blip on the screen.  It's still there
SG1 Art by Eilidh17
Bonds of Friendship By Eilidh17 (SG1)- This was always going to be a recipe for disaster
Letters From the Past by Eilidh17 (SG1) - That's a lot of not knowing
Dark and Light By Amberfly (SG1) - they didn't call them the dark ages because it was dark
My Rock and My Comfort by Lunar (SG1) - I didn't know anything could be so hard
Avoiding Paperwork 101, by Jack O'Neill by Letitia Richards (SG1) - Daniel was in with the General, their voices raised under high tension. "There's a blip on the screen!"
Late Night Inspiration By Carlyn (SG1) - he didn’t need his team’s physical presence to know they’d always be with him
The Simple Things in Life By Mickey (SG1) - Jack couldn't believe anyone could drink as much coffee as Daniel did and yet still fall a sleep so easily
I'll Be There by AnnO (poem)
A Fishy Tale By Amberfly (SG1) - Their day on P3X-189 would be etched in Daniel's memory for life
Carpe Diem by Suzanne Finn (ST: Voyager) - She was stalling.  Even to the casual observer, it was obvious (Janeway/Chakotay)
A Few Days in the Life by unfolded73 (Dr Who) - A few glimpses into the life of the Doctor, on his own after Journey's End
 Snow Day by Otterlady (Starsky and Hutch) - - It was fun having a day off in the middle of the week, kinda like playing hooky with the principal's permission.
 Come Back Home By Lady D (SG1) - Oh Daniel, come on back, buddy.  We miss ya around here
 Semantics by Green Eyed Monster (GEM) - "What happened, sir?""Dweeb fight."
The Distant Rose (Dr Who art) by Aislynn

Volume 2- 76862 words, 204 pages, 12 pt Book Antiqua 

Hero of the Day by Kevin Litten (Dr Who 5) - I wonder what sort of mischief your planet has gotten itself into now
The White Knight of Darkness By Matt Reinert (poem)
Reminiscence of the Fallen By Matt Reinert (poem)
Refuge in the Ocean By Matt Reinert (poem)
Memories of the Rain By Lunar (SG1) - I never saw rain until I was seven
Getting Home By Eilidh17 (SG1)- What had started out as a pleasurable trip to an unexplored planet had quickly gone south.
Catastrophe By Lady D (SG1) - Shroedinger is having trouble adapting to being back on Earth.
What Were You Thinking by Denny J (SG1) - Daniel only wanted to help
Pirates! Art by Romanse
The Stars Are Bright On Abydos by sg_betty
(SG1) - Sha’re was my light. She always will be.
Home is an Old Brown Coat by Sensiblecat (Dr Who) - On the third day of his new life, the Doctor and Rose went shopping.
For the Youngling by Green Eyed Monster (GEM)
(Star Wars)-A Jedi Master will do anything to rescue his padawan.  And a parent will do anything to save her child, even blackmail that Jedi Master
True Measure by Denny J and Eilidh17 (SG1)- Daniel doubts his worth  
Spice it Up by OzLovi (SG1) - Next on the Jerry Springer show... (mild Sam/Jack)
Untitled by Shyla (SG1 AU/original characters) - Aliens really are among us
Memory Lapse by Calapine (Dr Who)- Following Journey's End, things change
The Master and The Doctor art by Enednoviel

Cover art and additional art by Emily Hanson, additional art by Eilidh17, LadyD, Deoneta, TexasAries, SGBetty, Carlyn, and JayEm


Downloadable version in PDF (2 volumes combined into 1 15 mb file). Contact me if you want only one or want them separate (but one file is still 12 mb due to the high quality art so be aware)

$10.00 Worldwide

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E-Book on CD in PDF

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Print Zines

Print zines are exactly like the downloadable ones except interior art will be black & white due to cost and labor constraints.


37.00 US - 42.00 Canada & Overseas

Set of 2 - 75.00 US, 80.00 CA & Overseas

That Best Portion


5.00 donation (goes directly to Susan and Grant). Thank you! (change order quantity to increase amount)

*Print zines are available for delivery to some conventions which saves postage. Please contact me if you're interested.

*All prices include shipping and handling. Please allow up to 2 weeks for domestic and three weeks for Canada/overseas delivery.

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