Wayward Son series by Joag & Devra

This is an amazing set of stories done by two of my favorite SG1 writers. Following along the SG1 genre, Devra and Joag have created a universe in which Daniel is downsized and raised by Jack, unaware of his past – until puberty hits and everything seems to go wrong. Follow Jack and his son, Daniel Jackson O’Neill  as they journey through life trying to find the answers to life, the universe, and high school. Needless to say, the answer isn’t as simple as 42.

11 pt book antiqua..75 margins. Stories are gen PG or PG13 unless otherwise marked. Art by Joag and JayEm

Volume 1: (356 pgs, 126064 words)

Wayward Son

Wayward Son - Subterfuge

Volume 2: (272 pgs, 94714 words)

Wayward Son - The Journey Begins: Counting your Blessings

Volume 3: (312 pgs, 104617 words)

Wayward Son: Reflections by devra

Wayward Son - Sine Qua Non by devra and JoaG

Volume 4: (320 pgs, 117, 271 words)

Wayward Son - Facing your Dragon
Wayward Son - Lies to Live by 
Wayward Son: Great White Sale

Wayward Son: In the Pain, there is Healing


Wayward Son/Sarah Connor Chronicles

In these volumes, Daniel’s life changes yet again as he discovers his future best friend, and the savior of the planet – John Conner - and his very unusual family. 


Volume 1: (444 pgs, 179612 words)

No One is Ever Safe by devra and JoaG - Daniel seriously hates the new guy in school. Imagine his surprise to learn that this kid will be his future best friend. And what's up with his sister?

Volume 2: (199 pgs, 70714 words)

All Dressed up by devra and JoaG - Prom isn't supposed to be like this.

Volume 3: (381 pgs, 151067 words)

Life has its Moments by devra and JoaG - Jack is injured but Daniel ends up hurt and confused while John faces some hard truths about what he wants from life before Judgment Day.

Volume 4: (160 pgs, 59156 words)

Got Your Back by JoaG - John and Daniel need a vacation, but a trip to Abydos turns out to be more than fun in the sun.

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Wayward Son (all four volumes)

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Wayward Son/Sarah Connor Chronicles (all four volumes)

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