JoaG 2

This slash volume includes 10 wonderful JoaG stories (listed below). 270 pages, 107417 words. Web formatted. 12 pt book antiqua..75 margins. Stories are PG13 to NC17. Art by Eiligh and JayEm.

Stories included:

Vodun - A little voodoo never hurt anyone

Holding On - A bad mission, painful memories, Daniel holds on desperately to save a life

Fog Bound -  Daniel's recovery from an off world injury leads to his doubting his relationship with Jack

As the Chevrons Lock,( so do the Days of SG1's Lives)- co-written by babs, DebA, devra, Kalee, JoaG, Kalee and OneofAradia. A member of SG1 gets the stuffing knocked out of him

The Best you Can - Daniel tries to get an injured Jack home

Not Daniel - A tag to "Heroes"

The Lake - A Slice of life fic: Jack and Daniel argue

Sunrise over the Lake - Another slice of life fic: The morning after the argument;a sequel to "The Lake"

Something I Said - Injured and alienated from SG8, Daniel can only hope SG1 will come and rescue him

Without Warning - An injured Daniel, an alien planet, an alien hospital - still, he should be in good hands, shouldn't he?


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