Babs 2: Slash

One of the many wonderful things about fandom is the community it represents. Babs was someone I got to know both from her heartfelt stories and from mutual friends. I treasure every word from her keyboard, but not nearly as much as I treasure her support and friendship. This is the first of several volumes by the wonderful Babs. 120519 words, 315 pages, web formatted with .75 margins. Art by Eilidh17 and JayEm.


Stories in contents order:

Just Rewards - Jack. Daniel. Tuxedos. Heat.

Just this Moment - Sometimes it takes a close call to remind us of what matters.

Keeping Jack Happy- Daniel visits a slightly loopy Jack in the infirmary.

Memorial - How do we honor our heroes? A missing scene/tag for Heroes.

More than Words - Daniel and Jack deal with some lasting effects from Daniel's experiences in Central America.

No Place Like Home - Daniel longs for home.

No Profound Truth - Daniel gets seasick. Daniel goes home.

Not in Particular Will by babs, JayEm - Hostages are taken at the SGC-Daniel is in the thick of it.

Of Love and Loss - A visit to an alien world has Daniel remembering the losses in his life

Off Kilter - Jack has trouble dealing with an ill Daniel.

One Sunrise - Jack watches the sunrise and realizes what he has.

Packing the Past - Jack finds out why Daniel has a suitcase in his office.

Put on Perfection - A perfect day for Jack and Daniel.

Right by Your Side - Things aren't always what they seem. Trust me.

Rock Solid - Daniel worries that he's getting old.

Safe in the Harbor - An off-world incident causes friction between the guys.

Second Thursday of the Month - Daniel has a secret appointment. Jack finds out what it is.

Simple Pleasures -  Daniel finds Jack has a hidden talent.

Something that We Do - Jack takes care of a sick Daniel.

Straight on til Morning -  Daniel's back from Central America but things aren't quite the same.

Tears for the Innocents -Jack helps Daniel after a traumatic mission.

Tempered Steel - An avalanche leaves Daniel shaken in more ways than one.

The Beauty of Ordinary Things -  Daniel muses about his job. Jack reflects on Daniel.

The Close of Day - Off-world to accept an honor, Daniel misses some of those he loves.

The Hidden Meaning of Words - While thinking about Daniel, Jack discovers some truths about himself.

The Little Things - Jack contemplates how completely Daniel's taken over his life.

The Luck of the Draw -  Friday Night Fic challenge #2: SGC Charity Auction Lot Number 13: Dr. Daniel Jackson, archaeologist, linguist, babe.

The Peace of Still Waters - How can Jack heal Daniel's soul?

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