The Gift by ELG

This 257 page slash novel is set in a slightly altered reality. What if Daniel had been adopted by Nick? What if Jack had decided to leave the Air Force after Charlie died and his marriage ended to become a police detective? What if those altered paths had brought the two men together in a way neither could have suspected? What if events brought them back to the same place we know them ...just in different ways? Includes 33 pieces of interior art created specifically for the story. Rated NC17.

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Story Excerpt:

O'Neill had lost track on which one of them was setting the tone of this conversation; for a while he’d been sure it was him but he was starting to suspect it might be Jackson . He decided to return to the formality of interrogator and interrogated. “After you got all those qualifications, what then?”

Jackson seemed unfazed by the sidestep back into the routine of question and answer. “In between working on my doctorates, I spent time in Egypt doing fieldwork and lecturing in college. When I was twenty-six my grandfather was murdered. I found the body. I had another breakdown. I was admitted to a mental institute again and stayed there for a year. Since then I’ve lived with Aunt Zinnia and Tony .” The jaw clench again around the name ‘ Tony ’ although the expression was bland apart from that; determinedly so, for Jackson seemed to have a naturally expressive face.

O'Neill took out his cigarettes. “Are you dangerous?”

“I don’t know.”

“Did you kill Sha’re Farouk?”

Jackson blinked in surprise. “Um, no. I’m sure I didn’t. Am I a suspect?” He seemed more intrigued by the idea than affronted.

“Everyone’s a suspect.” O'Neill lit his cigarette. “I’m naturally suspicious.”

“Only the dead are innocent?” Jackson pressed.

O'Neill ’s hand trembled almost imperceptibly on his Zippo and then he summoned the flame and made the end flare, that orange glow before the nicotine fix hit home in a satisfying coil of death-bringing smoke. Every inhalation another step closer to oblivion. No wonder he loved Lady Nicotine. “Sometimes not even them.” Another drag of smoke into his lungs and he could exhale. “How did your parents die?”

“They were killed in an accident at a museum. They were setting up an exhibit. A cover stone. The chain snapped and they were crushed to death.” Jackson ’s face flickered then, almost imperceptible but O'Neill saw it and realized then what the younger man wasn’t telling him.

“You were there.” Not a question.


“And you saw everything.”

Jackson looked right at him; defiance and reproach a perfect balance in his oversized blue eyes. “Yes.” His gaze seemed to say: What are you that another’s pain can give you pleasure? What did this to you?

Abruptly ashamed, O'Neill looked away first. “I’m sorry.”

He glanced back in time to see Jackson ’s eyes flicker in surprise. “It was a long time ago. I was lucky to have my grandfather to take me in. I could have been sent to an orphanage.”

Rated NC17. Violence, non-con, m/m sex


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