Helping Hands: Little Daniel & Friends - A zine for a friend in need

The best thing about belonging to the Stargate family is that your fellow fans actually do care about you.
 Maryanne found this out when she needed that little bit of extra help. One of our most beloved list sibs, Maryanne merely asked for our good wishes, and instead of shrugging it off, her Stargate family rallied to her aid.  People offered art, their stories, or their beta skills, and before we knew it, Maryanne’s zine was born. We hope you enjoy the zine complete with wonderful art, and we thank you for supporting our dear friend, Maryanne

This zine includes some great LD (and friends) stories written by some of the best LD authors in SG1 fandom.

306 pages, 123291 words, 11 pt Book Antiqua, .75 margins available only in download and on CD.


Evolution is a Small Price to Pay by Debbie - Tag to Evolutions Part II - The Telchak device is accidently reactivated next to a sleeping Daniel with some 'small' consequences. 

Many Miles Travelled By Laura and Rosenquist - Sometimes friendship comes about in the most unusual way. 

The Wriggler By Cancer - Life is full of trials and tribulations, and living with a downsized Daniel Jackson gives Jack a birdseye view of both the unexpected and the everyday. 

Milestones By Cancer - The Wriggler is growing up and achieving all sorts of Milestones along the way.

Little Bug By Lunar  - Everything is done for a reason, and Jack can only trust that the aliens who downsized Daniel did so with greater interests at heart.  A series of slice of life stories with Jack and his 'Little Bug'. 

For All the Days of Your Life by Annie - "A follow-up of sorts to A Hundred Days. Jack receives a bequest."

Dan and Cam - A New Beginning by Amberfly -  Daniel Jackson and Cameron Mitchell run foul of an alien device and are now five year old boys



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E-Book on CD in PDF

$15.00 US
20.00 USD Canada & Overseas


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Helping Hands LD


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