Sideburns 10

This is the 10th slash volume of Sideburns' work and includes several of her great slash stories, many novella length.. 12 pt book antiqua, with .5 margins. 235 pages, 92409 words. Art by Eilidh17 and JayEm.

The Rescue that Wasn’t - A rescue is mounted for a kidnapped member of SG-1, but geeks prove to be pretty resourceful. (There is a non-con kiss and grope, unwanted touching and a scene where the bad guy plans what he is going to do to a certain beloved geek. There is NO rape.)
Guys Just Want to Have Fun - "Oh, look, my linguist is without... lings."
Lucky for Some  - A mission, a new SG-5 leader, Friday the 13th, and Jack and Danny get together. Duh
The Rescue  -  “I needed... rescuing, badly."
Reflections of You -  An alternate Jack comes looking for help from our SG-1, Daniel is faced with learning about an alternate version of himself, and Sam finds herself with several heartbreaking decisions to make
What Fools We Be  - Jack and Daniel are captured, are rescued, talk, and come to an equitable agreement regarding sex
Milestones  - New planet, Daniel recognizes the significance of the date, ruminates about the many foster homes, and ultimately, two men come to terms with their feelings. Beware of monkeys





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