What’s a ‘zine’ you ask? A zine is a compilred ‘book’ of stories formatted for readability and with added art. Ancient’s Gate provides zines in three formats: print, download, and on CD (for those on dial-up or who otherwise can’t download). The only restriction on download and CD zines is that, if you wish to share them, no copy is made of the zine you purchase (think of them exactly as print ones, if you wouldn’t copy those, then don’t copy the e-zines). Do not, however, share the download link you are given as that would constitute new copies. This has been an issue at times an jeopardizes the service for all concerned. The affordability of the e-zines, especially for those in other countries enables many to enjoy them who otherwise may not be able to (international shipping is extremely expensive). Also, if you purchase print zines, keep in mind that Ancient’s Gate Productions prints on demand, which means we do not print ahead of time, but only as zines are ordeed so it can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to receive your zines. We apologize for this delay, but it helps us keep things affordable for all.

NEW! Tiv’ester 4 Gen volume

NEW! Tivester 3 Gen compilation

NEW! Tiv’ester 2: Conspiracy Series

NEW! Alyjude 7, 8, 9 in Miscellaneous

Gen Zines – These stories are, as a rule, full sized stories, novellas, and vignettes exploring the characters in a way equivalent (though usually in more depth) than the episodes. AG does not accept or publish Sam-Jack ship stories. Occasionally we will publish more canonical relationships (Daniel/Sha’re, Jack/Sara) but those will be clearly marked when they occur.

Slash Zines – Slash, for those who aren’t aware, is an exploration of m/m relationship between Jack and Daniel (or any male characters, but AG tends to prefer J/D). These stories can range from mild PG to NC17 and R. It is implied and expected that adults only are the target audience for the higher rated ones.

Little Daniel Zines– Little Daniel is a genre of writing in which Daniel is or becomes a child. These stories explore how Daniel as well as the rest of SG1 deal with the situation.

Showcase Zines – the Showcase zines are volumes of stories available on the web (or which have been in the past). These zines are an effort to preserve some of the best of fandom. Life happens to us all and some stories/authors are already disappearing. All zines are, needless to say, done with the authors’ permission.

Miscellaneous/Other zines – Anything that doesn’t fit elsewhere can be found here. Fancy a Sentinel/SG1 Cookbook by Alyjude? Some SG Atlantis, Numbers, or multiple fandom zines?

Want to read more from AG zine authors? Go here.

And don’t forget to offer feedback. Zine writing is prety thankless sometimes and it helps to let them know you’re reading and enjoying what thedo.

Interested in submitting to AG zines? Just contact me.