Could I be you? by Matchbox 20 (Jack/Daniel)

Is Nothing Sacred by Meatload (Daniel, Abydos, Jack)

Hide by Creed (J/D)

The Widowing Field by Jars of Clay (SG1) – Sunrise was inspired to write a story by this video. You can find it here.

I Believe by Diamond Rio (Daniel, ascension)

Learning to Breathe by Switchfoot (J/D)

Back to Avalon by Kenny Loggins (Daniel/Sha’re) – A vid requested by Tiv

With Arms Wide Open by Creed (Daniel de-ascension)

When You Come Back Down by NickelCreek (Some Meridian Scenes)

Storm by Lifehouse (Daniel-Jack)(20 mb)

Where Are You Going? by Dave Matthews’ Band(Jack Daniel -some Meridian scenes)(8.5 mb)

Opspeculate by Creed (South American Evolution vid) (15 mb, 7.5 minutes)

Answer by Sarah McLachlan (Jack and Daniel) (8.2 mb, excellent quality)

The Promise by Tracy Chapman (Jack and Daniel) (10.5 mb)

When Angels Cry by Janis Ian (Daniel vid, Meridian scenes, not a happy vid) (10.8 mb)

Sharp Dressed Man by ZZTop (all males of Stargate)( 10 mb)

Blaze of Glory by BonJovi (team) (20 mb)

My Own Prison by Creed (Jack/Sara/Charlie) (13 mb)

Trying by Lifehouse (10 mb)

It’s Probably Me by Sting (special vid done with artistically rendered stills in celebration of Jack and Daniel friendship month). (8.5 mb)

Freedom by Creed (JD) (10.8 mb)

Fool by Lifehouse (JD)(10.2 mb)

Shadows in a Mirror by Chris Isaak (very slashy JD, anti-ship)( 8.7 mb)

Alone by Creed & Tool (Daniel/Sha’re) (9.2 mb)

Cost of Freedom by CSNY (team)(7 mb)

Baby Can I Hold You by Tracy Chapman (Jack.Daniel) (6.3 mb)

Epiphany by Staind (Jack and Daniel)(8.11 mb)

The Reason by Hoobastank (Jack and Daniel)(7.6 mb)

Blood Brothers by Bruce Springsteen (team)(11.7 mb)

God Blessed Texas by Little Texas (Gen. Hammond)(10.7 mb)

Desert Rose by Sting (Daniel/Sha’re/Abydos) (23.5 mb)

Fields of Gold by Eva Cassidy (Daniel/Sha’re) (12 mb)

Things Will Go My Way by The Calling (Daniel) (12 mb)

Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole (The Nox) (29 mb)

Puttin’ On the Ritz by Taco (The goa’uld) (24 mb)

Love Hurts by Nazareth (Daniel and Vala) S8 spoilers. (16.5 mb)

Cartoon Heroes by Aqua (Team vid by JayEm & Mon) (14 mb)

Missing by Evanescence (sometimes it seems no one misses Daniel) (clips from Reckoning 1 & 2 included) ( 12 mb)

In the End by Linkin Park (Jack/Daniel) (27 mb)

Hello by Evanescence (Daniel/Sha’re) 20.8 mb

Silence by Jars of Clay (Jack/Daniel) 39 mb

King Tut by Steve Martin Someone had to do it… (18 mb)

Take Me Away by Lifehouse (Jack/Daniel) Very unquestionable slash (PG13, 21 mb)

Faith of the Heart by Russell Watson (Daniel, 29 mb) Self-explanatory, really. Thanks to Starfox for the song.

The Show Must Go On by Queen(Jack/Daniel 30 mb)

Making Love (Out of Nothing at All) by Air Supply. This is a Jack/Daniel vid made for the winning bidder in the 2005 Moonridge charity auction, Debbie MG. Kudos to her for the song and her generosity. (40 mb)

Everything Burns by Ben Moody/Anastacia Daniel and Vala vid, encompasses first five eps of S9. 25 mb

Cry by James Blunt – (J/D 23 mb) The basics of friendship. This one is for Chance.

Runaround Sue by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, 14 mb) Daniel and Vala. Vala mostly

I’m Going Slightly Mad by Queen, 33 mb) You’f have to be a little crazy to go through a stargate in the first place…

I Like the Way You Move by Bodyrockers (40 mb) This video was created for the winning bidder in the 2006 Moonridge auction, April. The song and much of the clips are her wonderful idea.


Interested in getting these vids on CD or DVD? Look here.


Like Highlander? Check out these vids done for some HL Cons:

Prologue by Loreena McKennit (34 mb) For the episode ‘Band of Brothers’.

Dance by Loreena McKennit (edited audio) (34 mb) For the episode ‘ForgiveUs Our Trespasses’.

Bonny Portmore (from the HL soundtrack) (25 mb) For the episode ‘Homeland’)

Prometheus (soundtrack/episode music) (51 mb) For the above title episode. I think this one of this years’ vids I’m most proud of.

Inside Us All by Creed (44 mb) Can’t recall all the episode names, but I call this one ‘Evil Duncan’.

Dante’s Prayer by Loreena McKennit (34 mb) For the episode Methuselah’s Gift

On the Prowl (done with storyboarding help from Mon) (22 mb) For the episodes The Four Horsemen and Revelation.